Want eyes on your job from wherever you are?
We’ve got you covered. Live.

Do it yourself or hire us to live stream from all 50 states.


Self Service: Use your live streaming compatible drones to run the show. Fly and live stream when you need to. Pay as you go pricing. 

Managed Service: Schedule our FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot to fly a drone at any site within the United States. We can take care of all the regulatory requirements. You just tell us when, where and what you're interested in seeing live.


Self Service: With access to our TerraOptix™ app (available on iOS and Android), have anyone with a modern cell phone live stream to provide immediate insights.  

Managed Service: Schedule our Remote Avatar™ to walk your site with a handheld mobile device and gimbal (when available) to live stream anything and everything you need to see.

How 21st century work gets done faster & on budget for...

Owners  |  Developers  |  Inspectors  |  Architects  | Project Managers  |  Bankers

Designers  |  Superintendents  |  Representatives  |  Heads of Security  |  Other Stakeholders

Global Visibility

Unlimited Viewers

Our dedicated web interface provides logins to your entire team for easy access to all your live streams. 

No apps to install.

No subscription required.

You direct the action. Be there without actually having to be there.

Project Milestones  |  Important Inspections  |  RFIs  |  Weekly Progress Updates  | Site Walkthroughs

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Compatible with all desktop & mobile browsers.

No app or plug-ins required.