Use Cases Examples

Our clients are discovering new uses all the time.
Below are just a handful of ways live streaming from phones and drones can net positive ROI & create new efficiencies for your organization.
Virtual Punch Walk

All construction projects have hand-offs that must be completed.


During a typical punch walk, the owner or client attends to point out any issues they see. The general contractor usually explains any changes from the original specs and notes issues that need fixing. Now, this can all be done virtually. With everyone, including architects, being so busy these days, doing this remotely saves everyone time and money.

Virtual Punch Walk - Drone Example

Real-world Example: The general contractor needs to perform close-out on a facade handover. Instead of getting all the required parties together at one location, they invited everyone to a live stream broadcast of the facade inspection with a zoom-capable drone. The important items were focused on and the drone was able to get a perspective never before possible.


Coordination & Time Cost Savings: $2,600


Travel Cost Savings: $1,800


Total Time Saved: 12 hours


Self Service Live Streaming Cost: $88

Virtual Punch Walk - Drone Example

Real-world Example: A roofing contractor typically must get municipal inspections of roof system work performed at each layer or level prior to installing the next roof system component. Roof inspections have intrinsic safety risks associated with the nature of the work (i.e. climbing a ladder and walking on an uneven, unfinished roof). Utilizing a drone with zoom capability to get a unique and up-close vantage point via a live stream allows real-time collaboration between parties to inspect work progress and address issues before they become obstacles to completion.


Remote Municipal Inspections

Give municipal authorities the option to conduct inspections remotely if they're busy. Multiple impacted parties can also join.


This will save significant time/money on a project that may already be behind schedule.


Municipalities are using Skype & Facetime to do remote inspections, which is not the best quality and not even recorded.


Coordination & Time Cost Savings: $1,100


Travel Cost Savings: $330


Total Time Saved: 7 hours


Self Service Live Streaming Cost: $88

Live Virtual OAC &
Planning Meetings

When team members or other stakeholders can coordinate their schedules, they don't need to be on-site or even in the same room to conduct routine walks and work inspections.


Multiple parties can join a single person walking or flying a site while directing the action.


With some pre-planning, the Remote Avatar can know where he/she needs to go and an agenda can be molded around this action/walk plan. All interested parties can join and get caught up to speed with real-time data.

Virtual Punch Walk - Drone Example

Real-world Example: When issues with the piping installing inside a major data center needed to be addressed, getting all required parties to view and participate in the review meeting with real-time data would have required hours of coordination and granting on-site visit permissions. By utilizing  the TerraOptix™ mobile live streaming app, only one person was required to be on-site. The live stream was viewed in real-time and potential solutions were discussed in the moment, saving valuable time and avoiding tedious back and forth discussions and needs for reassessment.


Coordination & Time Cost Savings: $950


Travel Cost Savings: $140


Total Time Saved: 8 hours


Self Service Live Streaming Cost: $88

Live RFI Walks

Coordinating parties for RFI walks can be a serious hassle, especially when the need for social distancing is still "in the air".


With certain parties having access to a live stream, they can remotely participate in the RFI process and get questions and concerns addressed in real-time. Anyone with an internet connection can now be part of the process.